February 18, 2011

Character...Development......And Credibility


The Character(s) drives the plot. We have all heard that at some point in our writing endeavors.
If the character doesn't drive the plot, then fire him/or her.
No one ever told me to fire my main character before, but there were times when I should have, because they just weren't up for the part. We just couldn't connect.

" I see U as an Action Hero Dog, Arnold."
The word Character has many meanings.
Quote: Character is doing what is right when no one is watching.: Chinese proverb
That is also referred to as integrity and sometimes character and integrity are used interchangeably.

A world where a man is judged by the content of his Character, not the Color of his skin.:  Martin Luther King.

In Summary: Character development is based on your main character's (protagonists) ability to drive or move the plot along at a reasonable pace so the reader or viewer doesn't become antsy and bored. If s/he can't, then find a character who will. Because, in order for your book, movie or play to be credible, your character must be credible, sometimes incredible. Your movie, book or play will be judged, not by the Color of the character's skin, but by the Content the character brings to the story's plot.
     I wrote about character development two weeks ago on my blog at wordpress.com. Since then I've decided to use this blog for sounding off about what makes a good book or movie or play, because this blog seems to be, (based on it's title), the right blog to write about writing. It took me a while to figure out why I had three blogs, and what I planned to do with them, but with time I figured it out. So I walked away from http://www.writestuff-writenow.blogspot.com/ to give it a chance to convince me it was better suited for blogging about writing and http://www.smalltalkcards.wordpress.com/ was better suited for blogging about crafts. That's what we have to do when we write.

     Sometimes we have to walk away and let the dust settle on a gung-ho idea with the wrong character or blog or idea in place, and give it some time. Time is not your enemy.

Toni McKain/Max Nightjar

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