February 26, 2011

Guard Your Work From Freelance Thieves

Greeting Fellow writers, authors, and literates:

We wrote the exact same story verbatim, and I live on the east coast, and he lives on the West Coast.

Anyone ever heard of Remote Access?
      I think we all agree that storytelling is an awesome profession. It requires a lot of work and time to develop your work into a readable, enjoyable piece of prose. We struggle to develop our characters into likable, unlikable, and hero status characters. After it's all said and done, some of us look up and a year has passed by, but we love what we do. We enjoy it. Don't let anyone steal your joy!

     There are all types of copyright infringement laws on the books to help, but U  have to pay attention to the issue of copyright infringement by a different type of predator. Their called freelance thieves and what you need to know is they are people who steal your work from your computer by remote access. Or you tell them about your story on your blog,  or  when applying for a writing contest. They can be struggling writers or working screenwriters who can't think of a thing to write about until you come up with an idea asking them for help. It could be your English professor in college. Writing is a business.
   Cyber Thieves  steal from- new, published, and unpublished writers. They steal from unsuspecting authors, who are about to submit their work or writers agonizing and waning about whether they should submit their work. Look around  and over your shoulder, because they are gaining on U. They visit your blog for ideas,  and they may invite you to be their friend, and follow U.
  Copyright your work as soon as possible, and make sure someone knows your writing the piece, because their is always someone out there who will say maybe it's a coincidence we wrote the exact same story- verbatim. Well maybe not and most likely if you did you have a parasite on your hard drive called spyware or malware.
     I recently had a visitor to my home to investigate a robbery and the thief stole pages from a story I was working on, Beehive,  and had the nerve to make copies on my printer. That's what I'm talking about!

No matter how much you do to protect your work it's never enough when your dealing with issues that can afford you lots of money. The potential is there if you write well and a lot of other people write badly, or are blocked or can't write period - unless they steal someone else's  work or are just hired thieves.

     Piracy is a billion dollar business. Don't let the literary thief  take away you right to receive payment, monetary as well as recognition for what you love to do and work so hard to create...write compelling stories.

Better in his pocket than my pocket....I Don't think So!

Writing is rewarding , so don't let anyone steal what you worked so hard to produce with your time, your mind, and your positive creative energy.

Write Stuff - Write Now

T. Max Nightjar

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