April 23, 2011

The Three Chapter Rule: Is It Legal In A Court Of Law

         Everyone knows that incidents and happenings tend to occur in threes. Don't
they? Things occurring in threes is an old belief of how things occur in life or seem to. Is it an old wives tale, a hand me down fatalistic belief or does it ring true? Is it a natural phenomena like H20 - with a lot of legitimate history under it's belt. Is it a psychological twist of related or unrelated episodes like, me, myself, and I?  Or is it a solid, that with deep thought turns into a liquid - that's full of gas?
     The Rule Of Three is the belief in things occurring in threes. For example: red, white and blue (flags), or ABC's representing the alphabet or lights-camera-action: terms used in a movie production. Lastly, snap crackle and pop is a cereal commercial. Many people even believe that deaths occur in families in threes. Superstition... coincidence...bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes (BLT)? Is that how it works?
    So what does all of these 3's have to do with writing fiction or non fiction or plays or screenplays? Think about, a good book, movie or play requires three things in order to be considered a work of: a beginning, middle and an end. Sound familiar?
     For the past 2 month I have focused on legal matters concerning your manuscript, poetry and books, and how to protect your work from freelance thieves, cyber pirates and writing contests - who can and will steal your ideas and make millions. Remember, you are a business and the business of protecting your work should always be in the forefront of your mind.
  Contracts, finding the right agents, publishers and promoting your work is all about the business of being a published author and the writing profession. Pay attention to yourself and your surroundings.
     In May, I will bring all of this together. All that matters about releasing your work into the public domain, in the form of an excerpt, synopsis, outline, submission of a manuscript, or by publishing Three Chapters of your manuscript or book on a blog or website you publish from. Are you legally protected? Does it serve as your off Broadway published play ( so to speak), and is it a way of legally  and uniquely defining your work? Will it stand up in a court of law? This month I read two books on mind-time travel both quite different and so was the movie i watched on mind travel.

 Hint! Hint! So far in two cases one in New York (Supreme Court) the author won her case because her agent breached her contract and literally stole her manuscript. That was blatantly dumb. In California, however a screenwriter partially won her case because she was able to prove that the work was her original piece that she showed to Warner Bros Studio and they produced but it was altered.
     So don't think because U are a writer no one knows, that no one is interested in your work.
That is the furthest thing from the truth. People have connections with connections.  In this day and age and in this economy with writers block and a need to create something fresh and new to keep your gig...believe me,  they will.
Remember, every idea has great potential and so does every writer out there.  

Take care,
Max Nightjar


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