May 11, 2011

The Three Chapter Rule: Minding Your Business

     So far here's what I've learned about the Three Chapter Rule.

       It' s not a statute yet and no precedence has been set in a court of law to establish the use of The Three Chapter(s) Rule. Protecting a novel, play, poetry, music, etc as a legal or legitimate means of defense in plagiarism cases is usually and traditionally performed by the Library of Congress - meaning U should apply for copyright.

 However, in the lawsuits I cited in last months
blog and in the case of the screenwriter in California, they both won their cases because enough of their work was used to establish their original authorship. One author's entire manuscript was stolen, which is quite blatant, unethical and stupid. The reason they stole in the first place is because it's a complete manuscript.

     Remember that the Library of Congress is not all encompassing, in fact, it is public domain. So if you want your works kept private, U must request it in writing and state it on the application - as a sort of back-up letter on file. Also, always write a synopsis to accompany the application in works of fiction and art - that describe pertinent scenes that distinguish your work from ....Joe Blows.

According to one editor's March blog, I read:, three chapters, not necessarily in chronological order can determine the legitimacy of your claim of plagiarism or theft of intellectual property with the help of a savvy pit bull minded attorney. S/He must be a pitt bull, because deep pocket investors are arrogant  and indifferent without the likes of one. Don't drop the ball.
 Entertainment lawyers should be consulted, don't be deterred by deep pockets, no one is above the law, even white collars. or writers with a publishing history.
For years, I've heard entertainment lawyers say an author can attest to the originality of his work by mailing it to himself and never opening it unless something comes up. The logic being the post mark date proves/shows copyright and date of completion....that's a red herring though.some of us take years to finish awork. I started Avian Nation, Crabs In Abarrel in 2004, it was infringed in 2010.

     Include, without spoiling it, a unique event or occurrence. Writing is a business So Mind Your Business!
Who would have though it, all that Legal Nurse Consultant training did pay off after all.

Please bear with me, I have a hacker, who is also a freelance thief, and he doesn't want U to mind your business, Hence I must be doing something right. He is the ultimate spoiler. BEWARE!
Take care,
Max Nightjar

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