June 01, 2011

STATE OF MIND by SVEN M. DAVISON: 'Technology Is In The Saddle, & It Rides Mankind.'

June 1, 2011


State Of Mind was nominated for the 2011  Global EBook Award.

       Author, Sven M Davison wasn't even born when that slogan became popular, but I was.
 It was the first thing that came to mind after I read the first chapter of his somewhat dystopic, adventurous, high powered, very well written and entertaining, SCI-FI slant on America's lifestyle - and the worlds - 50 years into the future. Less than 500 pages, it was a compact good read, with short chapters, and tight prose. I was never bored or confused with techno babble.

     Yeah know, there's something really cool and mind boggling about virtual mind control and our own inner electrical circuitry that can turn our minds into a high-tech human GPS telephone systems and our thoughts into widows in a computer. We can turn pages in our minds all with the insertion of a P-Chip. Imagine that a built in telephone. The P stands for....
     The year is 2030 and a short fused, out of control LAPD officer named Jake Travissi has just committed a faux pas against the powers that be - namely the governor of Los Angeles son. He blundered. It costs him, and he must make amends. Jake agrees to having an implant placed at the base of his skull. He also agrees to work for a special,  Confidentially Enhanced Unit under HLS (Homeland Security).
     The government wants their military and police to be so efficient, that no one in America or any terrorist group in the world will even think about committing a crime against them.
       Even parents want their children implanted, so they perform or excel above the rest in their schools.
      The Nation Is Secure or headed that way in State Of Mind. But the trick is getting there. You do know that anything man made has defects of some kind and the defects have consequences...Right?

      The bumps in the road are what young and old, male and female will enjoy the most about this exciting book. It puts you in that kind of State Of Mind.

Max Nightjar

Sven Michael Davison's  first novel: BLOCKBUSTER.

Sven was a former head  of 20th Century Fox's Worldwide Home Entertainment Content Production Dept.

Deb Shunamon of Reader's Views said, "This book deserves to go directly to the top ten Best Seller List.
*Film options are being shopped, Deb. An interview is pending on WSWN.

Other comments on the Book State of Mind by Sven M. Davison:

Amazon.com:  A fascinating, action filled cyber-tech-noir that examines the loss of human freedom during post industrial dystopia. It's an engrossing journey across a tortured, emotional landscape of mind control. Nothing is quite what it seems. **** 1/2 stars.

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