June 26, 2011

Book Reviewer Sibel Hodge's, Book Of The Month: "Be Careful What You Ask For" By Sibel Hodge

I invited Book Reviewer, Sibel Hodge, to review her newest novel  BE CAREFUL WHAT
YOU ASK FOR .  This is what she came up with.  It's Fabulous!

For fans of Janet Evanovich, Kate Johnson; Gemma Halliday...

 Armed with cool sarcasm and uncontrollable hair, feisty insurance investigator Amber
 Fox is back in a new mystery, combining murder and mayhem with romance and
chick lit...

Three deaths.
A safety deposit box robbery.
The boxing heavyweight champion of the world.

 Somehow, they're all related, and Amber has to solve a four year old crime to find out
why. As she stumbles across a trail of dead bodies and a web of lies spanning both
sides of the social divide, its starting to get personal. Someone thinks Amber is poking
her nose in where it's not wanted, sparking off a game of fox and mouse - only this time,
Amber's the mouse.
Amber's forced to take refuge in the home of her ex-fiance, and now it's not just the case
that's heating up. So is the bedroom...
  •  All Levi Carter wanted to be was the boxing heavyweight champion of the world, but
           at what cost.
  • All Carl Thomas wanted to be was rich, but would that be his downfall.
  • All Brad Beckett wants is to get Amber back, but there's a reason for the ex word.
Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it...

     Sibel Hodge, the  Book Reviewer, has dual British/Turkish Cypriot nationality. She
 is a qualified personal trainer, sports and massage therapist, and writes freelance feature
articles on health, fitness, and various lifestyle subjects. Her first novel, Fourteen Days Later
 was short listed for the Harry Bowling Prize, in 2008, and received a highly commented
 Yeovil Literary Prize in 2009.
 Her second novel the Fashion Police was a runner up Chapter One Promotion Novel
 in a Competition in 2010.

Be Careful What You Wish For is the second book in the Amber Fox Series.

Be Careful What You Wish For  is a screwball comedy - mystery!

website  www.sibelhodge.com/   Follow at  http://twitter.com/sibelhodge

Other Reviews:
"Warning, I don't do the book justice, go read it for yourself, it's worth it! Left me
speechless.Love the character, storyline, everything."  Jagged Edge Review

I was hooked on this book from beginning to end. This is a very well written book, with humor
and romance.  Geeky Girl Books

When I become a Great Book Reviewer I want to express my views like Sibel Hodge!
Enjoy your Summer Reads.

Take Care,
Max Nightjar

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