July 19, 2011


    Does that sound right? Don't worry it will. By the way, did you hear what I said, or did you see what I said? Another way of putting it is, do you see what I mean or see it that way....or do you
 hear it the way I meant it?
Still doesn't sound right or is confusing? Okay then, did you get the picture... I was trying to paint or convey(say)?

 Let's wait and see how you feel when I'm done. After you hear everything I have to say. Tell me if you see my pov or hear my pov. *Comments really help. POV (point of view)

The words I just emphasized, see, hear, and feel are the basic personality traits of your protagonist's development - the protagonist as well as his/her closest supporting characters. All your characters
 will possess all three ( senses) but one of the senses will dominate his/her personality more than the other two. In most cases it will be seeing or hearing. 
  That is your character's language and the dialogue that makes them unique. Your visual character will use visual discourse or words. Example: "My, doesn't the sun look brighter today? I can see the light rays piercing the sky."
 If they are auditory, they will say:
    "Yes, I guess so, but just listen to those birds chirping away. Their so-o loud and noisy."
 The visual character will reply, "Really, I don't hear them all that much. But, did you notice how hot the sun feels, and how velvety those irises look in that flower bed.
 "What flower bed?" asks the auditory one. "Oh, yea, nice."
  • S/he is a hearer of the words or a see (er) of the words.
  • S/he is visual or auditory. So how do these two character/personalities communicate on the page you ask, if they speak different languages. "Viva La Difference, Baby"
   That's the beauty of it...character development, I mean.  
Answer: They learn to speak the other ones language in order to draw them out, ( writing senses dialogue). The best example of
this and a movie just about everyone loved (who saw it) is "Pretty Woman".
    Vivian was the hearer and Eddie, sorry, Edward, was the see (er). Did you notice? Remember the safety pin holding up her boot? Edward saw that safety pin at night, in a darkened car. He took
her in all in one glance. Key to Edward's personality - appearances matter - like a seeing eye dog. Supporting that theory is the
over-the-top shopping spree she went on for two days at his expense.

Confirm character development by showing not telling.

     I am hearing dominant. I can hear" a cat pissing on cotton".  So, I had to literally teach myself to see in order to write well, That's when I started drawing. I took a six week class in comic-cartooning at community college. Basically stick figures  at first, and I progressed to average illustrations with some help from photoshop, and now I am animating.
     It's been a little over five years or more, before I added animator/ illustrator to my repertoire. It's getting better every time I draw something, but most importantly it taught me how to see.

This works for novels as well as screenwrites, and screenplays.
Take care, minding your own business.

Antoinette "Toni" Mckain

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