September 20, 2011

Developing Characters In "The Seventh Eclipse Of Evie Eversoul"

Greetings, I'm back!

       In line with the WS-WN blog on the writing life (and all it entails), and these essays, I wanted to continue focusing on Character Development.
       Follow along with me as I further develope an old project of mine titled: "The Seventh Eclipse of Evie Eversoul". The Original title in 2002 was "Eclipse" which had nothing to do with Vampires. But after a
while I decided to add a different slant and dimension...the number 7.

Eclipse: To hide, to conceal, to cover up, to block, to cast a shadow on,  or make disappear. Eclipse is
one of those hidden words that can easly lead to sorcery or mayhem, (wicked spirits are powerful) and it
implies conflict, deception and intrigue.

      In the Bible book of Revelation, the number 7 represents the Seven Seals  that are to be Revealed.
 Seven is also the number of times Jesus told his desciples to forgive a sin or slight against
 them. 'You must forgive one another seven times seven,' He told them.
Wicked spirits are powerful, and manipulative so how can a mere human - not to mention she's a
 twelve y/o - protagonist named Evie Eversoul defend herself against seven wicked assaults and them.

                                                     THE SEVENTH ECLIPSE OF EVIE EVERSOUL

Fiction, mystery, thriller
Middle Grade-YA-Adult

Character Development (cont'd)
   First I will describe Evie Eversoul as she develops in the story.
  • A young black female with large dk. brown, marble eyes and moderately full lips. Her brows are   thick and wide. She resembles her father more than her mother at this age.
  • She wears a size seven shoe, a size seven dress and  she was born on July 7, 2000. (original date of seed story).
  • She is not a Christian yet tries to treat others with respect. She doesn't see herself  as a crowd pleaser.
  •  Strong-willed, Evie prides herself on defending the weak or those who appear to be the under dog.
  • She is fiercely loyal to a fault. and if betrayed not very forgiving.
  • She is not boy crazy, but she likes attention from males and is shy about dating - especially if she really...really likes the boy.
  • She favors her Gran Muffin to her mother, because...
  • She made 7 A's on her last report card before graduating from elementary school.
  • Nickname is "The Ripper", fair in home economics in school, her sewing teacher Mrs. Urcart, says   she tries harder, so she got an A for effort in her freshman year in junior high.
  • Aspirations: Cheerleader, school band, homeroom class president,, indian chief.
    * Each week I will give clues and bits and pieces of other characters on the road of character development in a work of fiction. Next week, the Logline and an excerpt from the prologue.
     Some say if you  know your protag well enough, then you can just about predict what they'll do.
 Not the case with Evie Eversoul- not until she tells me. Will she fold or will she hold under pressure
and conflict from sources who have powers leaps and bounds over hers - they think?
So, follow along at our KidSmart website and find out as we introduce 7 chapters of the junior novel,
"The Seventh Eclipse of Evie Eversoul", aka "The Ripper".

Antoinette "Toni" McKain

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