October 17, 2011

The Seventh Eclipse Of Evie Eversoule, Chapter I

Character Development and The 7th Eclipse of Evie Eversoule, Chapter I. Read it at

      Moving the character and the plot forward. 
      I'm happy to announce that the first draft was not as tedious as I thought. I had a clear picture in my mind of this girl characters measurements - which was the easy part. She was a seven. What I didn't have clear in my mind was how to explain or expose the different parts of her that made up the character in the title and also keep it light and amusing at the same time. Then it hit me - wham-o! Let Evie tell you what matters to her by giving a dramatic display of how important it is to continue to wear a size seven shoe, through sheer will, for the rest of her life.
     Evie displayes sheer will in the kitchen in front of an audience. She dramatically orders her feet to never grow again or at least not past a size seven and a half. In fact, the only thing Evie doesn't mind growing are her breasts. They are the size of lemons, and she wouldn't mind them growing to the ripe
old age of grapefruits. Humor helps and so does wishful thinking.
       Next, I introduced 3 supporting characters. Evie's sister, Simone, her grandmother (aka)
Gran Muffin, and her second BFF, Tossy Wortham - in that order. I gave you a hint into their character development through their words and actions. Subtle tension between Evie's sister Simone and her,
feisty, Gran Muffin was revealed through show and tell. The cause of the tension is a back story that is kept hidden for now- while I flesh it out - mystery.
     Tossy Wortham  is somewhat of a humorous character with an affliction that is presented when
 you first meet, her. I didn't fail to mention the source of her medical woes. Keeping it real! You can here the stuffy, swollen, nasal passages and imagine and feel the miserable condition of her red, sore, overblown nose. Only the nose knows how bad it really is. Tossy will even consider letting Evie touch it - for a cure.

      The Seventh Eclipse of Evie Eversoule is a middle grade, YA, adult  romantic, mystery- thriller - a graphic novella with religious overtones. Read the descriptive prologue and look at the developing on going graphics. The romance is fleeting, because it's an adolescent girl who is not fully aware of her surroundings, and the undesirables lurking there. Nor is she fully aware of her God given gift that is beyond what is normal.
      Chapter II is subtitled "Space Cadet".
The Setting is a city called Faith and a middle school there. I'm working on how it shapes up - different yet familiar-  "The Shape of Things To Come" is the subtitle of Chapter III and the longest -  I think.

Toni McKain

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