August 29, 2012

Did Your Antagonist Act Ugly Enough?

A Working Profile of the Ultimate Antagonist.

   So who did you pick to be the worst enemy of your hero, today? What does he look like, and what did he do today to ruin your Protagonists life? Did it least for an hour or a day?
   Did someone notice or care that your Antagonist was acting ugly? Did he make someone sick to their stomachs or angry enough to run out and buy a gun or sling shot?
   Did your Antagonist's facial expressions give him away or did he stay cool and look calm? How did he dress for the occassion in all black, all white, or Fuscia?
   Just how deceptive is your Antagonist? Is s/he awful or bad enough to chew nails? Does he  make you want to spit, or cringe in disgust. Is your Antagonist clever and gnawingly nauseating? Did they ever use subliminal tapes, chant or meditate. Is visualization a part of their ritual. Does he practice the traditions of men, Greek mythology or love
living in a science fiction world. Does s/he play games?
  How about pleasant and agreeable for a change of pace. Does your Antagonist have a loving family to a fault - who adores him or her and are blind to their faults? Were they the first born, middle, or youngest sibling. Was s/he adopted or did his/her parents die when s/he was very young? Is the Antagonist in your book closer to their dad or mother? Did they ever go to Bible school or do they call it Sunday school?
   What about his/her hygiene? If your Antagonist's mind  dirty? What about her teeth, or his nails, or her hair, or his thoughts. Is your Antagonist gainfully employed, wealthy, a hustler or a player that lives for the moment? Is it necessary for him to rule the world or just a certain part of it?
   Does your Antagonist like to cook or eat dirt. Is your Antagonist into generic foods, holistic healthy or does s/he like hot house tomatoes. Does your Antagonists bite their nails or cut their own hair? Does your Antagonist believe in God or Satan?
  Did you say that was too much information? If that's how you feel than maybe that's why your Antagonist doesn't work in your story.
  Don't compromise a good story...profile your Antagonist and get to know him better than he knows himself. Then you might be able to tell him what to do or say next. And you might just write a classic about someone acting ugly.
   Author Ayn Rand took two - three years to write the "Fountainhead", just so she could flesh out her characters profiles. If that's too much to ask, Oh well!
   All I can say is just stand back, than, and say nothing. And don't be too judgemental or critical when your Antagonist doesn't perform the way you intended him or her to.


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